Creating a Brave New World Where Everyone is Awesome and No One Gets Left Behind

Acts of Kindness Meter

We are generating a positive number of Kindness bigger than any negative statistics about Covid-19

Be awesome and join us on our mission to create a tidal wave of Kindness one act at a time.

We the City of R’Adelaide is becoming a living demonstration of what is possible when we turn our attention to making 100% sure that everyone is taken care of, and not one single person, group or business slips through the cracks during this lock-down and forever, this is change without an ending.

We can come out of this far better than we went in.  All it takes is a shift in what we value as a collective.

Kindness is contagious, it inspires, it creates reciprocation and connection and is deeply meaningful and fun when you get going.

The purpose of this meter is to generate a positive number so big, that no negative statistics the media creates about Covid-19 can measure up to. A number of hope, inspiration and commitment to excelling in our humanness

Read what others are doing and use your own creativity and your environment to get started and log your results here.

We intend on setting a challenge for other states and countries. 


Leave money on a vending machine for someone
Bake cookies for the elderly
Serve at a homeless shelter
Pick up litter on the beach
Let someone go in front of you in line
Give a stranger a compliment
Make dinner for a family or neighbour in need
Buy flowers to hand out on the street
Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant
Participate in a fundraiser
Help a senior with their groceries
Walk a neighbour’s dog
Do a favour without asking for anything in return
Prepare a meal for your family or neighbour
Bring in donuts for your co-workers
Water a neighbour’s lawn/flowers
Wash your neighbour’s car
Spend time with your grandparents
Offer to take a shopper’s cart to the cart bay
Rake the leaves for your neighbours
Mow the lawn for your neighbours
Create alternative’s to your complaints
Instead of posting negativity online, spread some love & encouragement
Share your act of kindness online and inspire others
Offer to give a friend a ride home
Take the time to listen to someone
Drive around and play music loud, and sing happily
If you are a musician, play for someone or a group affected by Covid-19
Volunteer to work some overtime at your job
Wash a neighbour’s dog for free
Tell more jokes and create laughter
Buy groceries for the person behind you
Reconnect with old friends
Be kind to yourself
Be kind to yourself often
Pay anything forward
Smile at a stranger
Shift your daily intention from self, to others. How can I serve?
Offer to water the garden for friends and neighbours
Give a hug
Send some random care packages
Give your service or product away for free in any capacity you can
Make lunch for 2 at work or 3
Give up your parking spot
Let someone jump the line if they are struggling with kids ,groceries etc
Carry their groceries
Give up your seat when on public transport
Share your table with a stranger
Spend xmas with a charity helping out with lunch
Re gift presents for the needy
Take your neighbour’s children to school when they are unable to
Look after the neighbour’s pets when they are away for the weekend
Offer something to someone – the intention matters regardless of the response
Send a THANK YOU note/email to the staff at school thanking them for all they do
Give friends a lift home from school on a rainy day
Listen to young children read at school and/or volunteer for the LAP program
Donate books to the school library
Bring home flowers/gift for your partner to show how much they mean to you
Write a message of inspiration on your child’s banana to take to school for fruit time
Donate your clothes as hand-me-downs to friends who would appreciate them
Knit teddy bears for sick children in hospital
Place a surprise note or drawing inside your children’s lunch box
Take a plate of something sweet to eat for the teachers at school to share for morning tea
Buy and donate toys to give to those in need at Christmas time
Declutter your home, create space for a new you, and give stuff away instead of selling it
Teach random acts of kindness to your children
Choose a Go Fund Me page and donate because their story moves you to tears
Share their story with your circles and why it moved you
Take the time to write a great online review for a restaurant you’ve enjoyed
Invite someone to lunch/dinner when they have nowhere to go
Buy a gift for someone just because
Take someone in, under your wing and give them what they need to grow
Help someone who looks lost and offer directions. Don’t wait for them to ask you
Give someone a list of the things you love about them
Welcome the new family at school by inviting them over for afternoon tea
Donate blood
Share the good things you see
Paint rocks with an inspirational message and leave them in random places for people to find
Welcome a new family to the street with a home-baked dessert
Write a letter of encouragement to a child who is having a rough time
Give a gift to a stranger
Put out the neighbour’s rubbish bins
Visit a nursing home
Support a friend’s charity or campaign
Compliment a stranger
Lend something to someone and tell them to keep it
Hold a door open for someone
Give money to a busker
Visit an elderly neighbour